NEW Shack

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Radioshack July 2022

New 34″ WQHD ultrawide Samsung SJ55W PC monitor with PIP/ PBP

Nice looking angle of the Radioshack

Enough screens to keep up with any kind of information

On the left the QRO trolley with the Twins (2x RF-KIT RF2K-S amplifiers)

Geochron Atlas 4K on the last screen 

Radioshack December 2021

On the left the QRO trolley powered by RF-KIT amplifier (Top: RF2K-S – Bottom: RF2K+)

Some of the toys

Some new toys like the RIGOL DS1052E Digital oscilloscope

My small workbench

Keeping track of all kinds of satellites via the Geochron Digital 4K Atlas 2

Entering my sanctuary

A sneak peak underneath the desk …

Radioshack Dec 2020

Colored X-mas lights making it a bit cozy during the C-19 lockdown

My 5 ICOM radio’s

Geochron ATLAS 4K

Matching speakers with all the ICOM gear 

2x UNIDEN UBC785XLT Scanner receivers mainly used for Airband

Using an extra 13.3″ IPS Panel for both the IC-7851 & IC-7610

IC-7851 + SP-34

IC-7610 + SP-41

IC-7300 & IC-9700 with both the SP-38

The new IC-705 with homemade 3D printed stand

Kenowa 13,3″ screen

Nice place to communicate with the rest of the world

Palstar AT2K and Davis Vantage pro 2 Weather station

Night view

Some lighting in the darkness

All equipment is quite ergonimical layed out for easy acces

RF-KIT B26 RF2K+ Amplifier

Palstar AT2K new model

The NCC-2 Phase Noise Canceller by DX Engineering(DXE)

W2IHY 3×4 Coax switch