RF-KIT B26 RF2K+ with 2x BLF 189 XRA LDMOS

Picking up the amplifier at the RF-KIT factory 

DH3NAB Reinhard owner of RF-KIT company connecting the amp. inside the laboratory

PA pallet board with the 2x BLF 189 XRA 

Antenna Tuner board

Antenna Tuner board

The amplifier ready to be assembled

Assembling the amplifier at the Laboratory of PE0SSB and PA0JEN

Using the “Cook book” which can be found on the  RF-KIT groups.io

Well constructed amplifier

Just checking the components and all solder

Bandpass filters

Diode needed to be replaced by the 5711 as the original one was wrong

Aligning the amplifier

Soldering the coax to the PA pallet board

The correct voltage

The 80mm fan still needs to be installed

Soldering some resistors to stabalize the Powersupply

These 2x 1KOhm resistors has later been replaced by 1x 470 Ohm resistor

Almost finised and ready to go

Placing a capacitor to ground causing no IMD within the 10 & 12mtr band