Panoramic view of the Telescopic tower and Antennas

This is what the neighbours see from this side of the street

Nice sunset with the telescopic tower in downward position

2 x 8 mtr Aluminum Telescopic tower with 2elm Ultrabeam (1 Elm 6-20mtr & 1 Elm 30 & 40mtr),
VHF/UHF Yagi DK7ZB (5 elm 2mtr & 8 elm 70cm)and Comet GP-93N (VHF / UHF / SHF)

Grounding system for Telescopic tower and all crucial equipment within the Radioshack

After drilling the groundingrod 15mtr (50 Feet) deep, we achieved 3,36 Ohm

Taking down the old 2 elm Ultrabeam to make space for the new Telescopic tower

Antenna tower 3/4 of it’s full length erected

6 mtr Aluminum mast with Davis Anemo meter and Diamond D-130 Discone antenna
(RX: 25 – 1300 Mhz & TX: VHF / UHF / SHF)

Lowering the first section of the telescopic tower during installment

This is how the Telescopic tower is mounted on the side of the house

Heavy solid thermal galvanized H-frame wall bracket with tilting capability (specially designed)