2 new RF-KIT RF2K-S has finally arrived

Sneak peak of the inside and checking if all is still in order after transport

Looking good at first sight

PA pallet board with 2x BLF 189 XRB LDMOS

Tuner board

Embedded CPU vs the Arduino within the RFK2+ version

Band Pass filters positioned at lower deck

Well built and laid out amplifier

Further alignment of the amplifier

Soldering the test jumper to align different potentiometers before connecting it to the PA palletboard

Installing the Rasberry PI4

Different fans and a Rasberry PI4 on the right bottom corner

Rasberry PI4 including a XL unforced heatsink for additional cooling of the CPU

Checking all connections

Overview of the Tunerboard (L) and PA palletboard (R)

Different angle

27pF Capacitor over the 13db ATT drive path to increase transmit power on 6mtr VHF

Using the IC-7300, LP-100A and 2.5kw Dummy load to adjust Power output

Further alignment of the  RF2K-S at the Laboratory

Remote PC control software via VNC server for both my RFSK-S Amplifiers

Adjusting R19 to the correct PAF level

The RF2K-S up and running