In my 20 year of Hamming at home and abroad, I was fortunate to have played with several Tube amplifiers and Solid state amplifiers. After a recent purchase of an OM Power 2000 A+ last summer 2020 which I have returned after 1 week. I can honestly say, I will never own any tube amplifier anymore down the line. The major constraints is the noise, heat dispensation as wel the weight and size of the device. I know some of you will disagree with me and others will praise my comments. But in my opinion Solid state LDMOS amplifiers is the future. Also I can say that no amplifier is perfect as also these LDMOS amplifiers can have issues as I know several people have blown a LDMOS device during operation. Ofcourse the majority of blown LDMOS devices are operator error as the margin with these devices is way different than the old common Tubes. So on that note and if you want to see the inside of 2 of those marvelous LDMOS amplifiers, the RF-KIT and the SPE expert. Please click on the BLUE link below or just go to the TAB: AMPLIFIERS above.