Bali island

Sanur Beach Hotel

Sanur Beach 


Divers are getting their material on board

Different traditional boats

Every morning we strolled along the beach

View from the Bamboo bar

Rice fields

Rice fields

Rice terrace

More rice

Exploring Bali with our friend Wirata

Water temple


What a view

Another great view

And another great view

Looking over the Indian Ocean

One of the many Temples

Water Temple

What a view …

Notice the reflection in the water …?

Sanur beach


Bali Traffic

Nice decorations 

Some inland road

Another Temple

Old village

Old village

Small Temple

The house of YD9FJ

Bamboo bar at Sanur Beach

The only 10 mins of rain we had in 3 weeks

The tide comes and goes

Nice hotel at Nusa Gede



Nusa Gede island

Blow out point

Blow out point

Blow out point

Nusa Gede Island beach front

Steep cliff

Steep cliff

Always in the mood for a party …

You can imagine that being a tourist is hard work, hence a cold beer is well deserved.

5 Seconds later I had taken an ocean shower