OLD shack

Kenwood TS-990 / TS-590S / TS-480SAT /TS-2000 and SPE 1K-FA Amplifier

Kenwood TS-870 was sold for the TS-590S

Old layout of the Radioshack

IC-7700 & IC-7600

This is how we started in trying to get all equipment organised

Also an IC-7000 found the way into my station


IC-7700 & IC-756 PROIII

Yaesu FTdx5000MP & Kenwood TS-2000

Old Radioshack at the old QTH


Already having multiple screens in the old days

The W2IHY equipment is still being used 

IC-756 PROIII / IC706MKIIG / IC-7400

Ameritron 811 & Yaesu FT-897d

Yaesu FT-1000 mark V Field with old audio setup, the UB-802 mixer and B2-PRO Condenser mic.