OM0ET Loop antenna + IC-705

Last week my new magnetic loop antenna by OM0ET arrived at my QTH. After reading a lot of of different comments about Magnetic loop antennas, both on RX loops and TX loops, my attention was drawn to the design of OM0ET. Ofcourse there are many  other manufacturers like Alexloop, Chameleon P-loop or even the new Icom AL-705 loop antenna, but looking at prices and even the construction of some, I couldn’t resist to contact Paul OM0ET and ask him a gazillion questions on his Loop antenna. After some email exchange the decision was quickly made and Paul promised to make me a new antenna as the last production run was sold out. Within 2 weeks after ordering a new Loop antenna was built and shipped to The Netherlands. Upon arrival I couldn’t resist to open the new design shipping box what comes with the loop to test the antenna instantly (see picture).

One of the questions I had prior to the purchase was how to mount the loop antenna ? Ofcourse I had watch several YouTube videos and saw that Paul and others were using a simple camera Tripod stand. After checking with Paul I decided to purchase this simple Tripod standard via

The whole purpose of having a magnetic loop in my Ham collection is to explore different aspects of our versatile hobby like Field and QRP experiments. As you might know I like to Ragchew, call CQ DX with QRO power and chase DX in the comfort of my Radio shack. But since the IC-705 came to my collection and already being proven to be a great added value used as 2nd VHF/UHF radio, SWL radio and RFI Hunting Tool, I started to think of doing more outdoor activity without having a lot ot material to drag along at the same time. So having this new little wonder in combination with this Magnetic loop I am able to quickly set up everything within 5 mins and ready to go …

As seen in the picture below you see the magnetic loop and the Tripod standing in front of my house in a Test set up kind of way. When testing, I was searching the band on 20mtr where within 1 min I came across a big gun station LZ2VU and after calling twice CQ CQ, Juli answered my PB5X/QRP call and gave me a 5/9 (distance 1834 Km). So you can imagine I was very delightfull as all effort I had undertaken paid off instantly.

The next few months and ofcourse praying for better WX, I will do some more field and QRP experiments with this simple set up.

If you would like to  know more about this topic please do not hestitate to drop me an email at or just use the CONTACT form on this webpage.

OM0ET Magnetic loop antenna check: UltraLight MLA MC-20 – OM0ET | HamRadio Antennas ( or just search OM0ET loop antenna on You Tube

73 Roberto PB5X