QRO Trolley: Powered by RF-KIT Amplifier

QRO Trolley powered by RF-KIT amplifier (Top: RF2KS / Bottom:RF2K+)

Since using the  RF-KIT RF2K+ Amplifier for over one year I can honestly say I am a big fan. As already mentioned within my commentary on this website (see TAB: Amplifier) I am quite biased when it comes down to LDMOS amplifiers. The RF-KIT amplifier is a SDA (Software Defined Amplifier), meaning continious improvements are undertaken to get the best possible solutions, integrations of different devices and control(s) as well the most important, operator ergonomics improvements.

After Reinhard (DH3NAB) mentioned they were developping the new RF2K-S version, I didn’t hesitate one second and ordered this new beast. When using Solid state devives like these you want to have a trustwordy machine what doesn’t let you down in the heat of the moment. As already experienced with the previous Plus(+) version, this S version is similar when it comes down to being very silent as you will not hear the fans even if the temprature will increase to 60c +. And trust me, after owning  an ACOM 2000, OM POWER 2000A+ and several SPE amplifiers. These RF-KIT amplifiers are the most silent 1.5KW+ amplifiers on the market as of today. (yes, more silent then the elecraft KPA-1500 or even the Flex Power genius)

Another verry important topic is IMD products. We all know that using LDMOS amplifiers can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to IMD. After having used several SPE amplifiers(1.3K-FA V1 / 1.5K-FA V1 / 1.5K-FA V2) for over the past decade we have seen some issues, what of course is not strange when you think of it when running 1.5kw with one single 1k80 LDMOS pushing it to the limits.  Therefor the RF-KIT amplifiers Pallet board is designed with 2x BLF 189 XRA (earlier RF2+ can have the BLF 188) giving it a total specification of 2 x 1.700w = 3.400w. Ofcourse the amplifier is designed not to push the limits, but will you give an easy 1.5kw+ on each HF band (i.e. 17 mtr easy 2kw into Dummy load). So by having the “heart” of the amplifier doing an easy 1.5kw+ you will never use more than 45 % of its total capacity.

As already mentioned RF-KIT is a SDA and even when they are having the new S version into production, they will not forget about their previous models like the Plus (+) version.
Q2 of this year they will come with a complete new Control board making the Plus (+) version compatible with the new Software as seen within the S version. So you can imagine we are looking forward in upgrading the  RF2K+ …

If you want to know more about RF-kit amplifier please visit the website RF-Kit – Home (rf-kit.de) or even better yet, join the RF-KIT Groups.IO main@b26-pa.groups.io | Home (just sign up) where you will find all relevant and most recent (techninal) information.

73 Roberto PB5X

QRO trolley powered by RF-KIT Amplifier