QRO Trolley Part 2: The twins

On the left, QRO Trolley powered by RF-KIT amplifier (The RF2K-S twins)

After my first post about my QRO trolley: powered by RF-KIT amplifier I can say that I am still very happy with these amplifiers. The RF2K+ has since been sold to a HAM friend in my country and I have recently heard from him and others that he is still very happy with it as his signal at 80mtr is stronger than ever. After I sold my RF2K+ and already had an RF2K-S, I immediately decided to buy a 2nd RF2K-S. Some may wonder why 2 amps..? My simple answer, because I can and because I own multiple HF radios and therefore like to experiment with different setups (cross-matrix).

We completed the build 3 weeks ago and I have been experimenting with this new toy ever since. When I compare this latest RF2K-S with the first RF2K-S from 3 months ago, I can report that both amplifiers work flawlessly where even the newest RF2K-S gives a little more power at 20 mtr versus the 1st RF2K-S where it has a bit more power at 17mtr. Speaking of power, these amps do an easy 1.5 kW+ on each HF BAND and even peak at 1.9 / 2.0 kW on certain bands. On VHF (6 Mtr) this amplifier now produces 1.4 kw as there has been a small modification since a few weeks which allows the power on 6m to increase from 1.1kw to about 1.4kw. This modification is quite simple and only consist out a 27Pf  Capacitor over the 13 Att drive path. I still need to do this mod. with my 1st RF2K-S.

Conclusion about these RF-KIT amplifiers is simple. Right now and looking from a price perspective, build and sound. This is currently the best SOLID STATE AMPLIFIER in the world. The RF2K-S is about 20% to 40% cheaper than its competitors like the Elecraft KPA 1500 or even the very expensive Flex Powergenius. Also the technological aspect of this amplifier, which comes with a built-in antenna tuner, is of very high standard (Deutsche grundligkeit as the Germans would say) and in terms of sound I can honestly say that this is the most silent amplifier on the market transferring heat dispensation from the PA pallet board (2x BLF 189XRB LDMOS) on a 25cm * 15cm * 1cm copper plate followed by the even bigger heatsink and its 5 silent fans. So when this workhorse is pushed to its limits for an extended period of time, this baby will not exceed the temperature of 58C. The normal temperature during normal operation is between 43C and 48C.

If you would like to know more about RF-kit amplifier please visit the website RF-Kit – Home (rf-kit.de) or even better yet, join the RF-KIT Groups.IO main@b26-pa.groups.io | Home (just sign up) where you will find all relevant and most recent (techninal) information. Ocourse you can also contact me personally via roma-dx@ziggo.nl or use the CONTACT form on this webpage

73 Roberto PB5X

QRO trolley powered by RF-KIT Amplifier